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to all students admitted to Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College, Ludhiana

Programming for problem solving (PPS) lab

Meeting ID: 853 3528 9849 Passcode: 140058

Civil Tutorial of PPS at 08:00 pm

All students of B.Tech. first year can see their time table and mentors list by clicking this link

The inaugural session of Mandatory Induction is scheduled for 10:00 a.m. on 16-10-2020. Join at 09:45 a.m. at Virtual Auditorium. The link for attending subsequent sessions of program from 19-10-2020 onward will be updated below.

Information regarding schedule of induction program

All students of B.Tech. first year 2020-2021 batch should note that there will be two lectures every day 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM (Monday to Friday) from 19 Oct to 30 Oct 2020. Each lecture will be of 1:30 hour duration. First lecture will start at 10:00 AM everyday and second lecture will start at 11:30 AM everyday. It is compulsory for every student to attend each lecture of induction program.

The students can join the induction program through this new Zoom meeting Link and Passcode: 021799 from 26 Oct 2020, 10:00 AM onward.

Those students, who cannot join zoom meeting link, can watch the live streaming of each session on YouTube by clicking at this Virtual Auditorium Link.

Program Coordinator

Induction program

Kindly note that each student will join the zoom meeting with participant name set according to the following rule: Participant name = Branch abbreviation_First name of student_First name of father. For example, if a student getting admission to civil branch has name “Abhishek Kumar Verma” Son of “Sandeep Kumar Verma”, then he will join the zoom meeting with the name CE_Abhishek_Sandeep. All students will follow this rule. Any student sending join request with some other name or identity etc. will not be allowed to join the zoom meeting by the host. For convenience of students, the branch abbreviations are given below:

Branch Abbreviation
Civil Engineering CE
Computer Science and Engineering CS
Electrical Engineering EE
Electronics and communication Engineering EC
Information Technology IT
Mechanical engineering ME
Mechanical Engineering (Production) PE

Detail of expert lectures of Induction Program

Date   Time   Activity Name Expert Name
16-10-2020   10:00 AM   Mool Mantara Recitation  
16-10-2020   10:10 AM   College Presentation Dr. Parminder Singh
16-10-2020   11:00 AM   Welcome address by Principal Dr. Sehijpal Singh
16-10-2020   11:30 AM   Welcome message to students by Head of Department Dr. D. S. Pathania
16-10-2020   11:40 AM   Motivational Lecture Dr. Ashwani Bhalla
16 -10-2020   12:40 PM   Vote of Thanks Pf. Satwinderjit Kaur
19-10-2020   10:00 AM   Motivational Lecture Mr. Soni Goyal
19-10-2020   11:30 AM   Introduction to MOOCs, SWAYAM & NPTEL Pf. Lakhveer Singh Khana
20-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation regarding academic rules & regulations Dr. Akshay Girdhar, Dean(Academics)
20-10-2020   11:30 AM   Presentation regarding Chemistry subject Dr. Amanpreet Kaur Sodhi
21-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation regarding NCC Dr. Harwinder Singh
21-10-2020   10:45 AM   Role of professional societies for development of engineering students Dr. Arvind Dhingra
21-10-2020   11:30 AM   Life Skills Er. Jaswant Singh Zaffar
22-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation regarding English Pf. Puneet Narang
22-10-2020   11:30 AM   Expert Lecture Dr. Loveleen Bains
22-10-2020   10:00 AM   Expert Lecture (Maths) Dr. Ashish Arora (IKGPTU)
23-10-2020   11:30 AM   Expert Lecture Dr. Jatinder Kapoor
26-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation regarding Mathematics Pf. Pragya
26-10-2020   11:30 AM   How to build rock solid career Mr. Gursharan Singh (MD, True Success Academy, Chandigarh)
27-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation by Training and Placement Officer Pf. Gagandeep Singh Sodhi
27-10-2020   11:30 AM   Presentation regarding mathematics Pf. Rajbir Kaur
28-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation on "Programming for problem solving" Dr. Kamaljit Kaur
28-10-2020   11:30 AM   Presentation regarding Physics Dr. Randhir Singh
29-10-2020   10:00 AM   Presentation regarding "Engineering Drawing and Computer Graphics" Dr. Harwinder Singh
29-10-2020   11:00 AM   Presentation on Skill Traing Programs at STEP-GNDEC Dr. Arvind Dhingra
29-10-2020   11:30 AM   Importance and need of E-learning for achieving excellence in academics Prof. (Dr.) Inder deep Singh
30-10-2020   10:00 AM   Exploring various resources of online learning Dr. Manpreet Singh Manna
30-10-2020   11:30 AM   Introduction to college Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Pf. Satinderpal Singh
02-11-2020   10:30 AM (Rescheduled)   Introduction to college Learning Content Management System (LCMS) Pf. Satinderpal Singh
03-11-2020   8:00 AM- 9:30 AM   Mentor Activity for CSE branch students Concerned Mentor(s)
03-11-2020   9:30 AM- 11:00 AM   Mentor Activity for IT & Mechanical (PE) branch students Concerned Mentor(s)
03-11-2020   11:00 AM- 12:30 PM   Mentor Activity for ME & CE branch students Concerned Mentor(s)
03-11-2020   12:30 PM- 2:00 PM   Mentor Activity for EE & ECE branch students Concerned Mentor(s)